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We all love a good vacation filled with time for relaxing and fun adventures, but getting there can sometimes be stressful! It’s true–2023 is expected to be the busiest travel and tourism year yet as people look to leave isolation behind. Here are our favorite tips for planning your next vacation and keeping your stress levels down, whether you plan to travel abroad or stick closer to home this next year.

Decide Your Travel Vibe 

What is your travel vibe? Are you looking to relax on the beach? Or spend all day hiking the Alps? Whatever it is, decide the “theme” of your vacation in advance and share this idea with any potential travel companions to ensure you’re on the same page. 

  • Make plans around what you want your vacation to feel like, not what a Google search says you HAVE to do in XYZ destination. 
  • If you aren’t an art lover–that’s OK! You don’t have to visit every museum. 
  • Instead, think about taking a bike tour through the countryside or a cooking class at a great local restaurant.   
  • Don’t feel guilty if you want to blow off those recommended activities. Do what feels right for you!

Set a Budget and Leave Room for Spontaneity

No one wants to waste money or have buyer’s remorse. If you want to have a great trip that won’t leave you feeling stressed, we recommend planning your budget around the things you care about most. If a nice hotel experience is important to you, prioritize your spending here. Book your priority activities in advance, and don’t forget to give yourself a daily budget for tasty food, shopping, and unplanned activities. Leaving room for spontaneity will make your travels even more memorable! 

Pay in Advance

It’s sometimes easy to forget the obvious–don’t forget to book flights and hotels as far out as possible for the best prices. Just don’t leave your activities and museum passes until the last minute. Here are a few reasons why you should buy your tickets in advance:

  • Ensure availability and entrance to the attractions you most want to see. 
  • Avoid any price hikes in peak season.
  • Reduce last-minute stress during your trip by being prepared. 
  • Once you’re on holiday, you won’t feel like you’re spending money because you have already paid for it. Mind tricks! 

Explore New Destinations!

We love a classic getaway to Italy– it’s a classic for a reason!  However, well-known vacation destinations generally come with higher sticker prices and overcrowding from other tourists. Instead, browse our blog for destinations you may not be familiar with, such as Croatia or Montenegro. Search SkyScanner and explore the flight destinations available from your local airport. The array of available options you’d never considered before might surprise you! 

“The views were of these really cool hairpin turns of the river with many hills surrounding it. Montenegro is covered in hills and mountains and everywhere you look is gorgeous.”

MyPinerary user Bailey, on her trip through Montenegro

Share the Responsibility

If you’re traveling with someone, share the planning responsibility by delegating travel planning tasks with one another. Take a step back and give them the reins (unless you are their mother!). You’re embarking on an adventure, so feel free to  “let go.” Remembering the following will help keep things relaxed and on track: 

  • Communication is key–be sure you’re on the same page when it comes to budget, expectations & interests. 
  • Divide the tasks by interest: if you’re a foodie, consider handling any necessary ahead-of-time restaurant reservations. 
  • If your trip-mate is talented at finding the perfect Airbnb, let them research your future home away from home!

Letting go of every detail will help eliminate travel-related stress and align expectations. We know you need a break–start now! 

Don’t Be Afraid of Off-Peak Travel

Peak travel time is popular because often it’s convenient, but if your schedule is flexible enough to travel outside peak times (like typical summer vacation or spring break), why not give it a try? You’ll find better deals when it comes to lodging, and road trips are easier in summer months. Generally, off-peak season travel is cheaper but just as beautiful and fun– and not overcrowded. You may love to ski, but take a chance and discover the mountains at the beginning or end of the summer and fall! 

Check Your Passport

Don’t look at your passport the morning of your flight only to realize it’s been expired for 3 months. When traveling abroad, most countries require your passport to have a minimum of 3-6 months before expiring and can refuse entry if it doesn’t fulfill that requirement. Passport renewals generally take at least six weeks, so if you are hoping to travel abroad in 2023, check your passport and renew it, and leave plenty of time for shipping delays. Learn more about renewing your passport here

Happy travels! MyPinerary is a community of travelers here to encourage and inspire you with real travel experiences from real travelers. Check out our blog to find new destinations and authentic reviews of old favorites, and as always–share your travels with us! 

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