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MyPinerary solves the travel research dilemma. No more unproductive, scattered internet searches.
Get trusted travel itineraries and experiences from real people.

Making New Friends

December 3, 2021

Adventures in the Mountains

November 8, 2021

Amazing Hot Air Balloons

November 8, 2021

Family Travels

November 8, 2021

Classic Destinations

November 8, 2021

MyPinerary is a landing spot for travel itineraries and tips. By fall 2023 it will be a platform for building and sharing your personal travel itineraries. Get inspired today reading through real itineraries and travel experiences.


Connect with friends & travelers like you. View traveled itineraries—from beginning to end!


Duplicate itineraries you like—or piece together your own from the MyPinerary community.


Share and save your travel itineraries. Help others plan and save your travel memories.

Real People. Real Travel.

Search authentic travel itineraries of those who have traveled before you.

MyPinerary is about the real travel stories and experiences we share and the memories we make. We connect with each other to make the dreams of our next journey a reality.

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How do I get featured on MyPinerary?

You’ve experienced some great trips and the world needs to see them!

Join the MyPinerary community and find out how to share your travel stories and view other trips from around the world.

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Welcome to MyPinerary!

We were tired of the same Pinterest travel recommendations. We were exhausted from the hours spent planning trips and still feeling unsure. We live in a time where information is readily available, but piecing it together is brutal. Our founder, Annie Pezza, knew there was a better way to plan travel, authentically. MyPinerary is shaking up the way you plan travel by helping you stay organized as you discover real travels you’ll never regret.

Join our journey and change the way you move around the world, forever. 

Start exploring itineraries today!

MyPinerary. A breath of fresh air for traveling the world.

You’ve experienced some great trips and the world needs to see them!

  • Find incredible local spots to enjoy
  • Make the most of your time based on the valuable insights of others
  • Connect with unique travel communities, like van life or solo travel
  • Travel with kids—find and enjoy the best trips for your family
  • Return home fulfilled, not frazzled

For today’s real travelers

MyPinerary–for those of us tired of the same glossy travel recommendations with no real world experience to back them up.

You can go authentically when you MyPinerary

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We pledge to keep environmental stewardship in the forefront of our minds by sharing and exposing our community to different ways of impacting our world in a positive way through travel.