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The BOJO Family Trip to Anchorage, Alaska

How long was your stay?

7 days

How did you travel?

As a family

Tell us why you traveled to this destination.

We used Google Flights for the dates we wanted to travel and left the destination open. We found flights for only 10,000 Delta miles per person to Anchorage, AK and we thought that sounded like a great adventure!

What was your Itinerary?

Sunday – Arrive in Anchorage. 
MondayAlaska Zoo, The Ulu FactorSalmon Hatchery
TuesdayKnick Glacier ATV Ride 
WednesdayAlaska State Fair
ThursdayAnchorage Museum’s Children’s Discovery Center
FridayBeluga Point along the Seward Highway, Alaska Wildlife Center, Alyeska Resort Tram and Flattop Mountain Photo Sessions with Emelia K Photography

Give us all the details! Tell us where you went and what you did on your trip.

Sunday – Flew in and rested and explored downtown Anchorage. Ate lunch at Snow City Cafe, which is a well-known brunch spot for locals. We went to 49th State Brewing almost every night! They specialize in “World class beer and sustainable Alaska foods in an authentic environment.” Would definitely recommend them for dinner.

MondayAlaska Zoo: They first got started in 1966 when a grocer won a baby elephant in a sales contest and brought her to Alaska, but quickly realized he needed help caring for her. Since then they’ve grown and are now a non profit dedicated to the conservation of Arctic, sub-Arctic and like climate species through education, research and community enrichment. Tickets are $17/non resident adults. The Ulu Factor: Touted as “Alaska’s most unique manufacturing facility!” You can ride their vintage trolley for free from downtown to The ULU Factory, where they manufacture knives. We then stopped by the Salmon Hatchery. Ever wondered what a sustainable fish hatchery looks like? Here you can come in and walk through their visitor corridor, learning all about what modern day fishing looks like. 

TuesdayKnick Glacier ATV Ride – One of the greatest trips of our lives. This an all day experience- the ATV trail is approximately 50 miles long, with stunning views of Knik Glacier, which is over 28 miles long and 5 miles wide. After going through wooded forest, sand dunes, dried riverbeds, meadows and a glacial lake, we stopped for lunch and had Wild Alaskan Salmon Quesadillas. Definitely budget to include this- excursions start at $380 for one person, with multiple drive and ride options for groups. 

WednesdayAlaska State Fair typically in the late August to beginning of September, the fairgrounds are located an hour north of Anchorage. The fair provides a beautiful setting for Alaska’s last blast of summer, and is a showcase of Alaska’s uniqueness and beauty.

ThursdayAnchorage Museum’s Children’s Discovery Center is a great spot for discovering Alaska and the Arctic through science. Tickets are $20/non-resident adults and $10 for kids 6-18; kids 5 and under visit free.

FridayBeluga Point along the Seward Highway is a viewpoint named for the white whales you can often see in the late summer. Alaska Wildlife Center has over 200 acres of animal enclosures you drive or walk through on a 1.5 mile loop. Located right off Seward Highway, admission is $18/adults, $14 for Youth 5-17, kids 4 and under are free. Alyeska Resort Tram takes you from the Alyeska Resort to the top of Mt. Alyeska, at an elevation of 2300ft. Here you can see 7 glaciers and have drinks at the top of the mountain. Tickets are $38 for adults, $28 for Youth 6-18, and free for 5 and under. Lastly we made sure to do a family photo session  at Flattop Mountain Photo Sessions with Emelia K Photography, to have beautiful memories to remind us of the trip of a lifetime. 

Couple wearing wedding attire kisses on a mountain as their young son looks up at them during a family trip to Anchorage Alaska

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If you were to take this trip again, is there anything you would add or do differently?

Add a dog sledding adventure and take the train to Seward to the Sealife Center.

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