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Greece Itinerary

How long was your stay?

7 days

How did you travel?

As a family

Tell us why you traveled to this destination.

Our daughter loves Greek mythology.

Give us all the details! Tell us where you went and what you did on your trip.

Day 1 – Flew into Thessaloniki, rented a car, stopped at Mt. Olympus, and stayed at Koka Roka rooms – a small B&B with a really nice owner.

Day 2 – Hiked Mt. Olympus, drive to Meteora, stayed in Litochoro at Kallisto Traditional Guesthouse, a serviceable inn.

Day 3- Drove to Athens by Gate of Fire (scene of “300” battle), flight to Crete, stayed at hostel in Chania, the Cocoon City Hostel, an amazing place with private rooms.

Day 4- Explore Chania, drove to the mountains, stayed at Vamos Fabrica Farm Houses– an amazing organic farm stay with the most amazing owners.

Day 5- Greek cooking class with Fabrica Farm owners; explore the farm and local town.

Day 6- Flight to Athens, explore the neighborhood, stayed at AirBnB in Athens

Day 7- Explored the Acropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visit the National Archaeological Museum of Athens which is the largest archaeological museum in Greece and devoted to ancient Greek art.

Would you recommend this trip to a friend?


What was the highlight of your trip?

Greek cooking class at Vamos Fabrics Farm & working from Cacoon City Hostel while the kids slept off jet lag 🙂

If you were to take this trip again, is there anything you would add or do differently?

We went in March, which was great because there were no crowds. It was much cooler than we planned so no need for a convertible rental car and more need for sweatshirts!

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