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Morocco Itinerary

How long was your stay?

3.5 Days

How did you travel?

With friends

Tell us why you traveled to this destination.

I traveled with some friends that i was studying abroad with for a trip to Morocco! We went on an organized trip, as at the time, that was a safer option and fairly cheap to do from Spain!

What was your itinerary?

Day 1 – Arrived to Morocco, Gibraltar, then went to St. Michael’s Caves,Stalagmites, the Caverns, Tetouan, City Center
Day 2 – Travelled to Tangier – Camel ride, traditional Moroccan Apothecary,
Day 3 – Visited Blue City

Give us all the details! Tell us where you went and what you did on your trip.

Day 1: We went on a programmed trip that started from Seville, Spain and went to Morocco through Gibraltar. Gibraltar is technically its own country, but it a British territory. It sits right on the very southern tip of Spain, across the strait from Morocco / Africa. We spent half the day in Gibraltar (its very small). The main attraction is that they have a ton of free-roaming, and generally friendly monkeys at the Top of the Rock, which you can take a cable car up to. The monkeys will play with your hair, clothes, and hands if you let them, but just be gentle and slow with them as they are wild! We spent an hour or so on the rock, then went into St. Michael’s caves which are nearby to check out the stalagmites, the caverns, etc. We grabbed a quick, late lunch, then hopped on the ferry to Morocco. In Morocco, we first stayed in Tetouan. We explored the City Center first. There’s a ton of shop, vendors, and food everywhere. We shopped for a while and had a personal tour guide / barterer. In Morocco, they speak Spanish, Arabic, French, and some English. If you speak anything but Arabic, they will think you are rich and try to make you pay more money for things. Always barter! Our program set up a traditional Moroccan dinner and show for us that evening, with dancers, music, and singing. It was amazing!

Day 2: we went to the Beach in Tangier to ride camels. We all got our own camel to ride and took about an hour beach ride on them It was such a fun and unique experience. All of our meals and lodging and logistics were provided by the program we went on the trip with, so thankfully, we didn’t have to arrange any of it. After the morning ride, we got to go to a session at a traditional Moroccan Apothecary, where they gave samples of many of their supplements, herbs, and natural remedies such as Moroccan mint tea, lotions, scrubs, etc. We were given the opportunity to buy some of the products after the showing and education about all of the ingredients and remedies. It was actually super awesome. We had dinner and settled in for the night as the next day we had a day trip.

Day 3: We took a day trip to the blue cities, the extremely popular city of Chef Choeun known for its completely blue streets, buildings, walls, etc. We had brunch there at an almost palace like place on a terrace overlooking the city (organized by the program). All the food was ate was pretty traditional Moroccan food. Then, we were given a tour through the city by a local tour guide. He showed us all the best places to buy traditional Moroccan rugs and clothing and taught us about the history of the city. Then, we had a couple hours of free time to explore, shop, and soak up the uniqueness of the city. It was the best part of the trip without a doubt. The rugs / blankets were amazing and at some places you can even just watch them weave or make them. You will hear bells and see people praying to Mecca 5 times throughout the day. It was a really cool cultural experience to have.

In the evening, we returned to Tetouan for dinner and a club party with a DJ that the program set up for us. It is fairly dangerous for tourists (especially females, and especially white tourists) to be out super late at night or to be out clubbing, so the program set up their own club for us. It was super fun! Early the next morning, we headed home to Spain

Would you recommend this trip to a friend?


What was the highlight of your trip?

Chefchuaon was amazing. Such a cool experience
Gibraltar Monkeys

If you were to take this trip again, is there anything you would add or do differently?

I’d recommend doing an organized trip like the one we did. It felt very safe, everything was planned and included for an extremely fair price. It made things a lot easier to do and a lot easier to get around.
BE CAREFUL of the water. You can shower and brush your teeth, but thats about it. Even eating vegetables cooked in their water can make you pretty sick. A few of us went home with waterborne food poisoning from eating vegetables cooked in their water.
Barter! Don’t be afraid, you can barter anywhere in Morocco – stores or side-street shacks. It’s a part of the culture! Speak Spanish or French if you can. Arabic is ideal of course, but if you only speak English, just know what the product you’re buying is worth there so they don’t upset you.

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