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Romania Itinerary

How long was your stay?

11 days

How did you travel?

As a couple

Tell us why you traveled to this destination.

We were living in Budapest and needed to leave for visa reasons. We’d heard such amazing things about Romania, and decided to road trip through Transylvania!

What was your itinerary?

Day 1: Arrived in Arad
Day 2&3: Visited Sibiu, Skinny Alleys and the Town Square
Day 3-5: Went to Rural Mountain Village and Mâgura, Bran Castle (Dracula’s castle), Piatra Craiului National Park
Day 6-9: Travelled to Brasov, Peles Castle, Rasnov Fortress and Prejmer
Day 10&11: Explored Sighisoara

Give us all the details! Tell us where you went and what you did on your trip.

Arad (1 night): Although we just needed to get over the border quickly and stopped here for one night, it was a cute little town we would have enjoyed exploring more!
Sibiu (2 nights): The next day, we drove to the market town of Sibiu. Sibiu is a charming little place, and we managed to explore some even though it poured rain the entire time we were there! We mostly explored the Skinny Alleys and the Town Square.

Mâgura (3 nights): We wanted a Rural Mountain Village and Mâgura fit the bill! It’s not too far from major sites such as Bran Castle (Dracula’s castle), while still being off the beaten path. On our first night, we had drinks (tuica, aka plum brandy, a local specialty) with the owners, who also hooked us up with a neighbor who gave us homemade smoked cheese, milk, and eggs. Our day trips from Mâgura included Bran Castle, which is a fun tour if slightly touristy! All of the restaurants are themed, so it’s a good place to go if you’ve always wanted to try “Dracula’s pizza.” We also hiked in the nearby Zarnesti Gorge, part of Piatra Craiului National Park. Such a special spot!

Brasov (3 nights): After three restorative days in Mâgura, we headed to the capital of Transylvania: Brasov! We instantly fell in love with the vibe of Brasov, as well as its beauty. We explored Brasov and took day trips to Peles Castle (famous as the castle in the Netflix classic, A Christmas Prince), as well as Rasnov Fortress and Prejmer, one of the unique fortified churches found in Romania.
Sighisoara (2 nights): For our last several nights in Romania, we headed to Sighisoara, Vlad the Impaler’s birthplace. This simply adorable little town can be touristy, which is why I recommend staying the night–most tourists just bus in, and you’ll have to place to yourself in the evening!

Would you recommend this trip to a friend?


What was the highlight of your trip?

Three nights in a rural village in Transylvania, wandering the old streets of Sighisoara, eating and drinking in Brasov, Peles Castle!

If you were to take this trip again, is there anything you would add or do differently?

I would travel a little more slowly, and spend more time in Sibiu! Also, I would make sure we had a four-wheel drive because some of those rural mountain roads can be tricky!

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